Baby Games | Developing Gross Motor Skills

  • Playing some games can help your child develop emotional, physical & cognitive capabilities
  • Great way of bonding with the child
  • Develop eye muscles
  • Develop gross motor skills
Simple techniques
    1. When your baby is well fed & is in a playful mood, make him lie down in front of you
    2. Have a light colored yoyo, may be one which also makes a sound. Dangle it above the baby's head. You can also use a rattle for this
    3. Start with holding it still. Make some noise with it while you hold it in place. The sound will attract the baby's attention
    4. When you know that your child has focussed on the toy, move it very slowly to one side -- and the other side now
    5. Don't move it too fast. This will get the baby over-stimulated and he will lose his interest
    6. Once he has focussed, you can try left and right -- up and down movements. Then we go clock-wise and anti-clockwise
    7. As you can see, these exercises are helping him develop his eye and the ability to focus
  • Your baby may not give the desired response at first
  • Span of baby's attention may vary
  • Be innovative

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Sonali Shivlani

Childbirth Educator,

Sonali Shivlani is an internationally certified pregnancy, lactation and child nutrition counselor. She has worked with more than 15,000 couples and has conducted pregnancy and parenting sessions and workshops internationally. She is the Executive Director of the Pregnancy Fitness Educator Program at CAPPA International and trains candidates in the field of prenatal fitness.

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