Green Tea v/s Any Other Tea

What makes Green tea nutritionally better than any other tea?

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, with coffee coming a close second.

However, most health experts consider these to be stimulants, with little health benefits for the human body. Of late, there have been many reports advocating green tea over the former two.

Medicinal Properties
It is believed that Green tea has a number of medicinal properties that boost immunity and vitality, while relieving several health disorders. There has been much speculation over this new health drink.

Green tea may have come into the limelight recently; it is in fact an ancient brew, which was used by various civilizations for its potential medicinal properties.

Disease Fighting Properties
Green tea is made from unfermented leaves of the tea plant. These leaves are specially steamed and this preserves their natural disease fighting properties. Regular black tea is made by fermenting and treating tea leaves, a process which depletes their medicinal properties to a large extent.

Good for the Mood
Having a cup of Green tea also, improves one’s mood, on the sheer strength of its aroma and tangy uplifting taste.

No Side Effects
Above all, Green tea rarely has any side effects and almost anyone can drink it, except for those taking blood thinning medications, antibiotics, hormones or asthma medications.

Mini Powerhouse
A cup of Green tea is packed with various medicinal elements and is a mini-powerhouse of health boosting benefits. Additionally, the boiling process of green tea makes these elements easy to digest, with the body absorbing their nutrients faster. Thus, regular drinking of Green tea offers numerous benefits for a healthy body.

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