Treat Your Stomach With Fish

Swimming miles through water to right into your platter, fish brings with itself, a wide range of health benefits. As you entice your taste buds with every bite of this delicacy, you aid yourself with immense health rewards.

So why fish?

Fish is rich in nutrients like protein and vitamins (B&D) with low saturated fats & many minerals. Vital contents of a fish are omega3 fattyacids which lower the risk of erratic cardiac problems such as heart attacks, high blood pressure and also reduce cholesterol levels. Lean fishes have lesser than 5% fat and fishes like tunas help to overcome obesity, improve your immune system and makes your skin healthy.

What nutrients of fish help fight cruel diseases?

  • Iodine in fish helps to treat goiter, protects from cancer and contributes to weight loss
  • Fish is high in choline, which is regarded as “brain food”
  • It lubricates and reduces the dryness and friction in the joints of bones
  • Highly valuable in curing conditions like hair loss
  • Fish oils are prominent for beneficial development in children
  • Fish is loaded with high amounts of protein which is good for blood, skin, hair, nails and muscles

Types of fish to include in your diet

Give up medical supplements or prescriptions and pamper your taste buds with delicious fishes to help keep diseases at bay.

Enriching your diet with fatty fishes like salmons, sardines, tunas, albacore, mackerels and herring is highly recommended.


Don’t think twice, just grab it and raise a toast to letting go of weight issues. It is a great substitute for fatty meats and dairy products. Omega3 in tuna helps to overcome obesity. This vitamin B rich food increases the RBC production, providing energy and alas a healthy skin. Tuna works wonders for yoga practitioners and gym freaks by providing increased energy during intense workouts through vitamin B nourishment.

Salmon Salvation

The meaty pink fleshed salmon is a feast to your gustatory receptors as it is loaded with bulk of nourishment protecting you from various diseases. Binge on salmon and it imports rich amount of vitaminD. Salmon has essential fatty acids that effectively prevent grave cardiovascular conditions. It also ensures you lead a smarter and happier life. Highly recommended for young children as consumption of salmon augments structural brain functions and boosts academic performance in their growing years.

Salmon is also a rich source of natural sedative which ensure a sound sleep.

Is my fish unhealthy or contaminated?

Fish should smell like ocean, if it smells like fish it’s too late.

Everything we eat today is susceptible to various pollutants and fish is no exception. Number of pollutants direct their way into the fishes as they are the major source exposed to water pollution and toxins.

Pregnant women, lactating mothers and young children are advised to minimize fish intake as they are subjected to increased possible risks of mercury intoxication that damage the nerves and hampers the development of brain and nervous system of foetus and young children.

Tips to eat safely

From great rivers come great fishes. The amount of toxins depends on the type of fish and place where is it caught. Hence one should ensure the type and amount of fish they are consuming.

Fish intake should be in accordance to the information issued by the state authorities regarding the beneficial and safe amount of fish consumption. Bear in mind that any fish is unhealthy if it is not cooked properly. Broiling, baking and grilling are healthier ways over deep frying.

Next time you think of food, satisfy your Ghrelin (hunger hormone) with healthy fish!

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