Tricks to stop your baby from crying – Part 2

Every new parent faces this dilemma: how to get my baby to stop crying? While it seems impossible, it is not really as difficult and frustrating as you think. If you’ve already tried these 5 tricks, here are some more!

Trick 6: Cuddling

Your baby craves your love and attention the maximum. Leave all chores and hug and cuddle your baby. Try to make eye contact and talk to the baby. This will help to calm the baby.

Trick 7: The Washing Machine

The washing machine has always been a time tested favorite ride for infants. If you have a front loading model place the baby on the top and run a wash cycle. The vibration calms the baby and you get the clothes washed. But remember NEVER leave the baby unattended.

Trick 8: Picture Books

How can infants have books? I have heard this question from many new moms. But babies love to look at big colorful pictures and it is great way to spend quality time with your infant as you browse through the pictures and talk to your baby. It will also inculcate a reading habit from a very young age.

Trick 9: Massage

Handed down through generations in our country is the tradition of baby massage. Everyone relaxes during a massage and so does a baby. All new parents should practice baby massage so that they learn the strokes that the baby enjoys and they can use them when the baby is agitated and irritable. It works wonders in calming the baby and can be used many times during the day.

Trick 10: Blowing

And last but not the least, is blowing. Blowing gently on your baby’s face, especially around the forehead will cause your baby to blink and look at you in surprise. This can aid in calming her.

Always remember never shake a crying baby because this can cause irreparable damage and even death.

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