Facts About Chamomile Tea

It is impossible to imagine a world without flowers and the joy their beauty adds to our lives. Few are aware that flowers also possess medicinal properties. Many are used in traditional medical preparations and for natural remedies to soothe heath disorders. One of the world’s most popular home flower remedy is Chamomile Tea. This herbal beverage has become an international rage for its amazing health benefits and natural healing properties. Chamomile tea is widely known as a mild sedative and is used for treating menstrual disorders, vitality, stress and for skin inflammation.

Chamomile tea is made using the flowers and leaves of the Chamomile plant. The flower resembles the daisy and smells much like the wood apple. This gives the tea a slightly bitter taste and a strong aroma. Decades of research reveals that Chamomile contains pharmacological elements, such as Terpenoids and Flavonoids, which are the main health boosting agents in the plant. These elements are plant-based antioxidants and are powerful disease fighting agents. They have been proved to battle free radicals, tissue damage, abnormal cell growth, as in cancers and improve immunity.

The Chamomile flower has following properties:

  1. Antispasmodic – the flowers contain sedatives, which relax muscles and relieve cramps
  2. Antiallergenic – histamines present in the plant control and overcome allergies
  3. Antifungal and Antibacterial – it has the capacity to fight bacterial and fungal infections.
  4. Antipyretic – it reduces fevers and related symptoms
  5. Chamomile tea is also ideal for those seeking to lose weight, as its antioxidant properties boost metabolism, helping one to fight unwanted fat and lower cholesterol.

Due to these medicinal properties, extracts of the Chamomile are used in numerous pharmacological formulations across the globe. Used at home in tea form, it is a safe, holistic and highly effective home remedy for several different health issues.