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Labor Breathing Exercise

During labor, the uterus contracts. & helps open up the cervix  Women need medication to manage pain due to contractions Helps manage intensity of contractions without medications Start practicing once[…]

Post Pregnancy Exercise for Upper Body

The posture of this exercise reflects a cobra with its hood raised. It helps to relief the body muscles that suffer due to: Excess weight gained during pregnancy  Post pregnancy[…]

Exercise For Diastasis Recti Standing Pose

Diastasis Recti is a common condition in pregnant women It is caused due to separation of rectus abdominis muscles due to expanding belly This exercise is meant for diastasis recti[…]

How to Identify Diastasis Recti

Diastasis means separation During pregnancy, expanding belly causes rectus abdominis muscle to separate This condition is common in women who have multiple pregnancies In severe condition, one can notice a[…]

Post Pregnancy Exercise To Reduce Tummy

Rapid weight loss occurs in the post-pregnancy period Leg slides exercise helps you get back into your pre-pregnancy shape Do this exercise once episiotomy has healed Start 6 weeks after[…]