Category: Labor & Delivery

Choosing the right exercise during your pregnancy can help you in ensuring an easy and smooth labor. Work with our experts to create a routine specific to your needs.

Labor Breathing Exercise

During labor, the uterus contracts. & helps open up the cervix  Women need medication to manage pain due to contractions Helps manage intensity of contractions without medications Start practicing once[…]

Exercise For Positioning Baby In Pelvis

The pelvis sway helps relive pressure in the sides. Further, it also helps align a baby who is asynclitic, a scenario in which the head of the baby is tilted[…]

Exercise For Easy Delivery

Improves elasticity & tone of pelvis Leads to easier birth experience Improves strength of thigh and buttock muscles which helps during second stage of labour, the pushing stage

Exercise for Smooth Labor

The ideal position for the baby is a head-down position, with the back of his head slightly towards the front of your tummy This exercise helps get the baby in[…]