Category: Strength Building

Choosing the right exercise during your pregnancy can help you in ensuring an easy and smooth labor. Work with our experts to create a routine specific to your needs.

Pregnancy Exercise For Inner Thighs

This exercise works on the inner thigh muscles, also known as the abductors These muscles are used in second stage of labor, where pushing is involved Leads to an easier[…]

Pregnancy | Upper Body Workout

During pregnancy women focus more on their lower body As a result, by end of 9 months they lose muscle & strength in the upper body

Upper Body Workout For Pregnancy

During pregnancy women generally experience lower back pain because of the changing posture. The upper back also feels the strain due to this. Arm rows work on shoulder blades which[…]

Pregnancy Exercise For Spine

This  exercise helps removes the weight of the baby from the spine. Thereby it: Provides relief to the spine Strengthens core muscles Helps in faster recovery after delivery

Pregnancy Exercise | Lower Body

Gaining weight during pregnancy puts extra pressure on knee, lower back, hips and iliotibial problems, making one prone to various problems. Leg rotations helps strengthen these muscles groups to avoid[…]