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How to hold a baby during breastfeeding I

How to hold a baby during breastfeeding I

feeding is a frequent process, and each time it may to
take about 30 min or so, it is important that the mother sits in a comfortable
position at all times. This will also baby get a good latch & complete feed

Simple techniques
  1. Cross Cradle Hold:
    1. The cross cradle hold is recommended for all new mothers who have no prior experience of breast-feeding
    2. If you are nursing from your left breast, use your right arm to hold your baby
    3. Support the baby’s head using your hand
    4. The crook of the arm will support the buttocks
    5. This is a tummy to tummy position
    6. The only disadvantage here is that the baby will not as cuddled
    7. Once you get some practice, you can overcome this disadvantage by using the cradle hold position instead of cross-cradle
    Cradle hold position:
    1. Cradle baby’s head in the crook of the arm on the side that the baby needs to feed
    2. Support the baby’s buttocks with hands
    3. This position makes the baby feel comfortable as he is surrounded in a warm and cozy hold. The baby will feel secure
    4. However, if the baby’s head bobs then it may cause some strain on the nipples. One needs to take care of that
  • While these are just some of the tested positions, you can choose to feed your baby in any position that you and your baby find comfortable
  • And be assured, you will know it is right by the way it feels and the way your baby behaves. Trust your motherly instincts

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