Category: Daily care

Find out more about changing your baby’s diaper, giving a sponge bath and all other day-to-day jobs involved in taking care of your baby.

Oral Care For Babies

Start taking care of the baby’s oral hygiene as early as possible New-borns have their tooth buds already formed 

How To Bathe A Baby

Sponge bath is recommended till the umbilical cord stump falls It prevents the stump area from getting damp during the healing process

How To Make Baby Nappy

Cloth nappies are washable & re-usable They do not lead to skin rashes Using cloth diapers enables the child get potty trained faster

How To Give A Sponge Bath To The Baby

Till the umbilical cord stump falls off, you should give your baby a sponge bath to make sure that the stump area doesn’t get damp during the healing process.

How To Massage A Baby

Relaxes the baby Puts baby to sleep Regulates sleep cycles Makes baby feel safe Helps baby bond with the mother

Newborn Care Diaper Change

Here’s what you will need to keep handy while you change your baby’s diaper: A changing mat Some cotton & a cotton cloth And a clean diaper