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Funny kid eating watermelon outdoors in summer park, homeveda, heart health, watermelon, cholesterol, healthy food, nutrition

Manage Hair Loss With Proper Diet

Alopecia is characterised by the loss of hair from the scalp. This condition occurs when the immune system inadvertently attacks the hair follicles leading to hair loss.The patient may lose[…]

Goitre Remedies, homeveda, spinach omelette, ayurveda, thyroid, home remedies

Best Food for Goitre| Spinach Omelette

Our thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland situated just in front of the windpipe. This gland is responsible for production of hormones in the body. Goitre is a condition[…]

Back pain, homeveda remedies

Essential Oils to Treat Back Ache

Back pain refers to the pain in the lower, upper or middle back. Watch how you can treat back pain using natural ingredients available in your kitchen!