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Pregnancy Exercise For Dizziness

As pregnancy progresses: Fluid volume in the body increases Blood becomes thicker to carry extra nutrition This can lead to poor blood circulation and lower oxygen supply to the body[…]

Pregnancy Exercise For Spine

This  exercise helps removes the weight of the baby from the spine. Thereby it: Provides relief to the spine Strengthens core muscles Helps in faster recovery after delivery

Exercise For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pelvic tilt is a very gentle exercise that can be done even by women who have been prescribed bed rest. This exercise works on the core muscles of abdomen and[…]

Correct Posture During Pregnancy

Pregnancy | Correct Posture

It is important to maintain a good posture during pregnancy as when the pregnancy progresses: Your pelvis tilts forward There is increase in curvature of the lumbar spine

Pregnancy Exercise For Lower Limbs

Improves blood circulation in lower limbs Strengthens the hip & thigh muscles Creates room for the baby to enter the pelvis Corrects the foetal position

Pregnancy Exercise For Pelvis Region

Squats loosen the pelvis region making it elastic in order to make space for the baby Makes labor and delivery process more comfortable Ensures correct posture