Curated Playlists: ORGANIC MAKEUP

DIY Homemade Blush

Adds a rosy glow to the face Helps mask a tired & dull look Free from harmful substances

Homemade Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is a product which helps one get a shiny luster and also helps to give the lips a temporary enhancement that makes them look full and beautiful.

DIY Natural Face Foundation

Face foundation is an essential part of any make-up routine. A good foundation helps: Provides a uniform skin tone Gives skin a smooth surface Enhances & holds make-up

DIY Face Primer

Face primer helps to glide makeup on face smoothly and blends it well Applying it on face after a moisturizer and before a foundation creates a smooth base for our[…]

DIY Bronzer

Cloth nappies are washable & re-usable They do not lead to skin rashes Using cloth diapers enables the child get potty trained faster